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Northern white cheeked gibbon

Northern white cheeked gibbon

Northern white cheeked gibbon, new resident in Zoo Wroclaw

It is our  great pleasure to announce to the world the birth of a northern white-cheeked gibbon at Zoo Wrocław. We welcomed the baby on July 28th. This happening makes us exceptionally happy, because this species’ population in its natural habitat is decreasing at a dramatic rate. It has shrunk by nearly a half over only three generations. Zoological gardens serve as conservation centers, and play an important role in preserving biodiversity.

As such, Zoo Wrocław is home to a couple northern white-cheeked gibbons, who arrived here in October 2013. The first one to come was a 9 year old male Xian, born in Apeldorn, NL and sent to Wrocław from the zoo in Pilsen, Czech Republic. A week later Xian was joined by a female named Carusa, born in 2006 in the Osnabrück Zoo, Germany. Their first baby, a male called Dao, was born on October 17th, 2014.

Xian and Carusa were transferred to Wrocław under the supervision of Dr. Brice Lefaux ,a veterinarian and director of Mulhouse Zoo, France. Dr. Lefaux is also the coordinator of the European conservation breeding programme of the northern white-cheeked gibbon. Whether Dao stays at home, or is moved to another zoo to pair with a different female, is to be decided by the coordinator, as well.

Zoo Wrocław is a member the EEP (European Endangered Species Programme), which involves protection of animals endangered with extinction through their breeding in zoological gardens. The programme has been in existence since 1985 with 40 European countries, as well as the USA and RSA participating in it. Over 400 breeding facilities protect around 150  most endangered  species.


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