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IRMA - Giraffa camelopardalis

IRMA - Giraffa camelopardalis

The rarer camelopard.

Camelopard is an  archaic English word for giraffe. All nine subspecies of the giraffe are now threatened with extinction, hence the growing role of zoo breeding programs in conservation.

This is a happy time for Zoo Wrocław now, where a new reticulated giraffe was born on October 24th 2017. The baby’s name is Irma and she is a daughter of  Rafiki (male) and Imara (female).

It is an  honor to breed reticulated giraffes, because not every zoo gets the approval of the  European coordinator. Our current herd was created in 2009; in March a male  from Denmark arrived, and later two females from Germany-says Anna Mielnikiewicz, senior education specialist at Zoo Wrocław.

Irma is a  fourth offspring of Rafiki, and  Imara’s second. She was born in the morning, and standing 178cm is the tallest giraffe born in Zoo Wrocław. She is currently kept with her mother inside the giraffe house, and let outside in its yard only. The yard is separate from the Savanna enclosure, where Irma will be moved in the Spring, when she’s grown enough.

The rest of the tower ( yes, the herd of giraffes is called  a tower) includes sisters Nala (2007) and Shani (2008) born in Zoo Frankfurt.

Reticulated giraffes live mostly in north-east Kenia, some may be seen in the south of Ethiopia and Somalia.  Latest count reviled that there are only about 4700 of them left, while only 20 years ago it was 28 000! It is estimated that a total number of wild giraffes of all subspecies oscillates around 80 000. Their number is steadily decreasing due to hunting, poaching and degradation of environment.


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