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A zoological world sensation – an aardvark birth in Wroclaw (Poland)

A zoological world sensation – an aardvark birth in Wroclaw (Poland)

Of the 1,000 zoos that are part of ZIMS, only 39 keeps aardvarks: 39 males and 51 females. Only 9 cubs were born last year. Aardvarks are difficult animals to breed, that is why the birth in the Wroclaw’s zoo is a worldwide unique zoological occurrence. The extraordinary birth circumstances make it even more special.

The baby was born on February 2nd, 2017 around 2 A.M. after a long and difficult labor. Unfortunately the little one wasn’t breathing. A caregiver, the head of Small Mammals Division, Andrzej Miozga performed CPR for nearly an hour! It worked and the cub survived. But the mother, too exhausted after the strenuous birth, rejected him. He has been under the fervent care of Mr. Miozga since then.

The youngling is never alone. There is always someone to keep an eye on him and tend to his needs: feed him every two hours and make sure he stays clean, dry and warm.

The little aardvark has gained about half a kilo since birth and now weighs 2 kg. He is the apple of his keeper’s eye, and already has been dubbed a super sweetie pie.

The parents of this Wroclaw’s miracle are LOTTE from Frankfurt (born 2012) and TANU from Tanzania (born 2008).


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